Sunday, March 4, 2012

Modern Art Milk Carton Bird Feeder

We decided to put an artistic spin on a classic craft project.  Milk carton bird feeders!  Such a great way to reuse something that would otherwise end up on a dump truck.  Micah and I had such a great time making it too.  Bird feeders are something that you can easily buy at a garden store or large department store.  But it's much more fun making your own, and this is a project you and your kids can do every year to celebrate the return of Spring!

First I used a serrated knife to cut a rectangle out of each side.  Be sure to leave enough room at the bottom to hold lots of seeds!  I wish I had put the openings higher on ours...  Then I painted the entire carton with a neutral color.  Once it was dry I handed it over to Micah!

I would have taken pictures of him painting it... but I was joining in on the fun too and was covered in paint!  I just put a rainbow of acrylic paints on a paper plate for him, gave him several paint brushes and let him go wild!  Pretty soon he abandoned the brushes and opted for finger painting instead!

Micah took this photo!  Isn't it fabulous?
Then you have to wait for it to completely dry.  Micah and I recommend running around outside to get some energy out.  Things tend to get a little pent up when you're trying not to fling paint everywhere!

Once it's all dry, poke a hole under each "window" and insert some found sticks.  Also poke some holes at the top of the carton and thread a ribbon through it for the hanger.  Then fill it up with bird seed.  Give your child a small spoon and container for the birdseed.  This is great fine motor practice! 

Then it's time to hang your bird feeder!  Have fun!

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